Things learned yesterday

Yes, I know, zomg, two posts on one day. This should be a quickie, like the other one, though.

So, things I learned yesterday:

  • No, you will not participate in a heroic 30 minutes before raid time. No, there is nothing in particular you would have had to do in that time, but, you know how it goes, you get CoS, and then you come out of it 5 minutes before raid time. Which would be perfectly fine for a “regular” (that sounds so unintentionally demeaning) raider. But you’re a raid leader now. Things are different. You need to relax and unwind before a raid, so you can be focused on the spot when the lights go on.
  • No, after the raid you will not agree to run the level 70 alts of two of your guildies through a dungeon, no matter how much you like them. Especially not if you’re fully expecting to run a random heroic when your favourite druid gets home that day. It’ll leave you with 5 hours straight of tanking/leading in dungeons, which is, with all due love for the game, taxing.
  • No, you are not the only tank in the guild. Relax. Heroic 5-mans do not require your attendance to be saved from the evil LFD. There are others who can (and do!) take that badge up (curiously, you ended up DPSing on that first run you impulsively joined, which was fun, but…). Run when you want to run, not when you “have to”.
  • In short: learn to say “no”.

3 thoughts on “Things learned yesterday

  1. Salvaenus

    Rem, with respect to the boosting 70s and Favourite Druids late HC, is it your conscience speaking or is it that the other Tanks in your Guild are just not making themselves available? I know that we have an aversion to PUGing but it won’t kill us once in a while to go out and mingle with the unwashed masses, right? I would hate for you to burn out through all that you do for us. We as a Guild are going to have to learn to leave our comfort zones no matter how afraid we are of the “out there”. There is no entitlement to Rems time. Rem gives it freely or Rem says no. I send you strength with these words because I am sure it is a difficult position to be in.

  2. nowiamtree

    *smiles* This, so very much what Salv says here. Personally, you know that I will happily do whatever with you – PROVIDED you want to. And I know when you don’t!

    I think a part of this is down to our LotRO days. Both of us would look at the chat, realise that people wanted help gearing up and say “Shall we?”. It was fun, and it wasn’t something that we’d run on a daily basis. WoW is a completely different game, and there is more liability for burnout. When the guild was smaller, yes, we both felt more liable. Now it’s grown, I’m not as worried.

    I think other tanks in the guild ARE available. But I also think they’re sensible too, and are taking it easy, so may not be as 24/7 as people would like.

  3. Rem

    Thanks for the support you two!

    I absolutely think the other tanks in our guild are both as available and willing to help out as can be reasonably expected from them. I suspect I just may have created that perception of my person as “always ready to tank anything for anyone”, which is, well, not entirely correct. I think that’s a fixable flaw though.


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