Realisation strikes .. with a hammer

Ever wondered what those pretty bugs you occasionally see around the Argent Coliseum are supposed to be there for? I did! So did my favourite druid (attention – new forest! Update your pathmarks). Every time we’d be there and one of these creatures would cross the area only to disappear under one of the buildings, we’d exchange curious remarks in chat or on Vent. What are they? Why aren’t they even targetable?

There I was yesterday, running The Room of the Crusader. It was going very smoothly, we got to the last boss without incidents. One of our raiders had to AFK briefly, I was done outlining the tactics (and people who know the fight better than me were done correcting my mistakes – thank you guys!), so we were all just standing around for a few minutes, mentally preparing for the fight ahead. I was gazing around the cave. My eyes stopped on one of the scarabs, non-aggressive at that point. “Hmm,” I thought, “he looks remarkably like…”

And then my mind wandered back to maybe 10 minutes earlier.

The Lich King yells: The Nerubians built an empire beneath the frozen wastes of Northrend. An empire that you so foolishly built your structures upon. MY EMPIRE.

Structures. Coliseum. Passive bug here … non-targetable bug there … oh … OH!

Subtle, Blizzard, very subtle. Consider my hat taken off to you.

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