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Charming imperfection

Started using http://www.google.com/chrome this week, and today realised that it shares a certain feel with Linux. This intriguing mix of charming new features and glaring lack of old and relied on ones; of impressive performance and uncomfortable glitches; new design and minor trapdoors.

It is fast, it is pretty, it offers an interesting take on a few user-interface elements, it’s certainly a pleasant and modern feeling piece of software to use. It feels like Firefox felt, back in the day, before it was called Firefox and began to become what it once set out to attack.

But that’s the catch: charming youth comes with youthful imperfection. It’s just part of the package. No form completion (which seriously kills some business scenarios). Bad Flash-performance (Linux-people start grimacing at the mere thought of Flash). Awkward file-handling and weird text-selection (things not working quite as you’re used to being oh so very Linux!).

Many of those are teething troubles or yet-to-be-implemented features. They’ll be fixed, adjusted and introduced. The interesting question is: will it then still feel modern and youthful?


Line numbers?

Just working my way into Eclipse and once again found myself searching for the option to enable the displaying of line numbers. Like with any other IDE (that’s “Integrated Development Environment”) or standalone code editor I came across.

Seriously people, what’s the idea? Was there ever a developer out there who did not want to have his line numbers displayed? You guys have “productivity” written on every surface you can reach, so why not just turn on line numbers by default and enhance everyone’s productivity by saving us the time to search for the appropriate option (and then to go and write a blog post on it)? Your tool isn’t supposed to help us write business letters – it’s supposed to help us program. And programmers want line numbers!