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On flies and windows

Last night, when I went to bed, I realised there’s a fly in my bedroom. I intended to read a bit, so I turned on the bedside lamp, which, of course, awoke the fly. It was big and noisy, and immediately started flying around and getting on my nerves. I contemplated trying to chase it out. An activity not without a risk. I’d have to open a window, with light on (otherwise I wouldn’t see the fly), which means potentially attracting more insects rather than getting rid of the one, as it may take an indefinitely long time to convince the fly to leave, which, in fact, may not succeed at all.

After some contemplation I decided not to bother. I wanted to read a little and then sleep, not spend half a night chasing insects around my bedroom. I’d just ignore it, it’d settle down, and next day I wouldn’t even remember. But it kept occasionally flying loops through the room and buzzing like a vuvuzela. And it was huge. So, I got up, opened a window, walked up to where the fly was sat and waved at it with my book. The fly lazily buzzed across the room to the open window and landed on the outer side of its frame. I walked back and closed the window, locking the fly out.

As I was lying down again the thought crossed my mind how quickly and easily the issue got resolved and how it turned out that less than 30 seconds of simplest action saved me from lots of worry and annoyance.

I don’t do this sort of thing often, as usually what I write is meant in a very literal way, but this is one of those allegorically metaphorical posts “based on a true story”. Sometimes you don’t want to build an Incredible Machine, and a complex execution instruction, pondering about side effects and implications. Sometimes, you just want to open your window and wave at the fly with your book. Sometimes, the simple strategy actually works.


If you have 10 minutes spare, please watch the NBA Finals Game 7 Mini-Movie. Said Game 7 took place last Thursday. I love the emotions captured, the image of a team coming together to claim ultimate success, every one of them fighting and besting their own inner and outer demons. I am not necessarily a Lakers fan, but I definitely do like them. So, congratulations from me and have fun watching the video!

Now with previous content!

Inspired by a conversation with a guild mate last night, I had a look into the content import functionality, and, look and behold, it’s there aplenty! So, now the archives have migrated, including comments. Nice isn’t it.

Next I’ll have to sort out the categories – as I didn’t exactly plan to continue using my previous mess of those. But given what I’ve seen of the WordPress functionality so far, this process should be much more pleasant than it would have been in Blogger. Yeah, I’m rather happy about the move.

Hello world!

Hello WordPress. It’s nice to meet you. You seem flashy and modern, and, what shall I say, I like flashy and modern. I’ll try to update more frequently again, but, as usual, don’t say I promised you a pony. I have tons of thoughts I’d like to blog down, but sometimes my writing mojo is occupied with other topics. So, let’s hope for the best!

If you, dear WordPress, would like to know what I’ve been up to so far, feel free to head over to my Old Home (at which you also should Not Try This) and have a read.

This blog I am starting with a more pronounced intention to write about gaming in general and World of Warcraft in particular – which is pretty much what happened to my old blog anyway. Do not be overly surprised, however, if you stumble now and again into posts that express my thoughts on totally different subjects as well.

And now, let’s have some fun together!

Your number was selected randomly

By a number generator, which just randomly spills out digits and then this number is called. And we’re not even going to pay attention to how bad the odds of getting a valid number this way are. We’re just going to be amused, that the very moment I hang up, the other phone, upstairs, connected to a different provider starts ringing. Of course I don’t bother running to pick it up, but drink a glass of water instead. And the moment it falls silent, the downstairs-phone wakes up again, however, through the other line connected to it, and the same mechanic voice is attempting to sell me their clearvoyance services. Oh, so that‘s how they got all my 3 numbers, all differing in far more than a few digits. I’ll label this a rant, but I’m not even ranting. I’m observing. And not even being surprised, because I’m coming out of computer science and having a rough idea where we’re headed. I think there’s a century-old book on it. I believe it has digits in the title, too.

Ow, my head

It’s definitely not a good idea to stay up until 5am to watch (the score of) a basketball game, when you already sort-of conditioned yourself to a 1-2am bedtime. Even if it’s game 6 of a playoff series and your team desperately needs a win to stay alive. Luckily, game 7 is tomorrow during (European) evening hours.
As of now, my plans of vacuum-cleaning the house today are kind of going down the drain, because I have a vac humming in my head already…

Blue sky

For at least the second day in a row, the sky is blue. I mean, utterly and completely blue. From horizon to horizon, one colour, not a single cloud. The treetops are looking richer and richer from day to day .. almost from hour to hour.

I’m not that much of a nature-bound person, but in such an environment, it’s really hard not to be in a good mood. I mean, hey, for me, of all people, to make two postings on weather within a week (plus one on gardening), that weather has to be quite awesome. And you know what? It is!

Wish you all the same.

Rem is …

… the Lawnmower Man.
And the LeafVac Man.
Sunny season has officially begun.
And this entry resembles more a Twitter update than a blog post.

Best time of year?

Sitting in my study, balcony door open all day. Fresh air, without swarming gnats. Not cool anymore, not hot yet. Just a few degrees warmer and more green on the trees … but then the gnats come back and the sun turns from “warming” to “heating”. I love the summer, but right now, spring has me all fascinated.