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Pure nonsense

Just listening to Digitally Imported:

This track is the hottest thing to come out of Russia since the Moscow heat wave!

I know what I’m doing here is borderline Twitter-quality, but I found that line hilarious 😀

The Musical Easter

In response, or rather in reaction, to a brief ABBA moment I shall publish the Little Rogue song I composed (*coughs*) about a month ago.

*clears throat*

When I was just a little rogue,
I asked on EJ, how shall I spec?*
Will I be Combat, will I be Mut?
Here’s what they said to me.

Que Sera, Sera,
There’s upside in every tree.
The future’s all RNG.
Que Sera, Sera.

* The author hereby denies all responsibility for any corporal or mental damage that may result from asking questions on EJ that may be deemed inappropriate.

Don’t Cha

I can’t say much about the value of the content in this blog, but the top graphic made me laugh. A lot.

Ilya Gringolts

If he’s in town, and you’re into classic – especially violin – music, go out and get a ticket. Guy got skill. Guy got lots of skill.

Not posting any links, because they’d just be search results, and you, dear reader, certainly can acquire them just as good as me. (The first letter of his first name is a capital “i”, the second a non-capital “L”, just in case the font appears deceiving)