And it all worked out pretty well

Dear reader. You may remember this justified angsty post from September last year. After that post it actually took me almost another month to start working, and yet another month to really pull myself together – or finally panic enough – and get into the writing frenzy which was needed at that point. I made it, I handed in my thesis in time (on 28.12.) and as of last Friday I am in possession of a certificate that boldly states that I’ve been awarded an academical degree. Wheeee!

Huge, huge, infinite thanks to Alqua and Colt for all the moral support and motivation they provided when it was most needed. And it was needed more than you can imagine. I can’t thank you enough. Also, without further elaboration on this point, really big thanks to my parents, for everything.

So, why have I not been blogging more recently? Again, I am not sorry. The limiting factor, once again, is time. I am currently shifting mine between the following things:

  • Work – the one I’m still in until the end of the month and still have more than a few tasks to finish for before I can walk off into the sunset.
  • Job search – my future, wonderful employment. It’s going to be wonderful, I’m sure! Anyway, finding it and getting into it does require some additional investment. Lots, in fact.
  • Pushing Enthusiasm forward – our little and ambitious guild has blossomed over the last couple of weeks. Growth and development, however, require lots of attention, and it’ll take a while before things settle into patterns and we can shift into “low maintenance mode”.
  • Actually playing WoW – quite a fun thing to do. Really.
  • Researching on WoW – I like to know stuff. About my own role, and about others’ roles as well. Especially since I’m kind of trying to grow into the position of a raid leader, it’s really useful to know what’s actually going on during those encounters. And crucial to have at least a basic understanding of all classes. Trying, trying.
  • Domestic tasks, social contacts – everything human beings tend to do in addition to the sleep/work/hobby trinity.
  • Blogging. Oh yes…

So, without any malice or disinterest on my part, blogging just ends up being the thing easiest pushed off the priority table. But I’ll try, I’ll do my best. As of now, I have a pretty specific topic on my mind I want to write about at length. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “And it all worked out pretty well

  1. Kring

    > blogging just ends up being the thing easiest
    > pushed off the priority table.

    We will add steeper diminishing returns on your other priorities then. 🙂


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