The Darkfall Scandal

Having found this immensely funny, I read this and then, ultimately, this.

And you know what’s funny about it? That Ed Zitron’s review is factually correct. Note how Aventurine (i.e. Tasos) themselves do not challenge the correctness of the content, but only the examination method. Everything he writes, on a factual level, absolutely matches with every video, trailer or other review we’ve seen. By all means, it doesn’t even contradict with the very intentions put forth by the very developers as their “vision”. It’s just that he hated it – very much in the same way Gianna loved it. For, in fact, the very same things and features.

PS: No, I wasn’t “researching on Darkfall Online” – if this was the last game on Earth, I would quit playing before I touched it. I was just reading The Noob Comic and got curious about the background.

1 thought on “The Darkfall Scandal

  1. Anonymous

    Just read everything and there’s only one thing that can be said. LOL. You saw it coming, didn’t you.



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