Achievement earned!

Remaglar has earned the achievement [Jaw-Dropping!]: Impress your random dungeon group to the point of openly complimenting you.

Thank you guys, you’ve been pleasant and competent group mates (the tank marked pulls and communicated, rather than expecting us to telepathically pick up on his intentions!). Sadly, you didn’t end up on my friends list, since we’re on different servers and will never see each other again.

5 thoughts on “Achievement earned!

  1. Scraddog

    Awesome numbers…. and yes I did wonder off to the armoury to check you out.

    I don’t burst quite that badly but then again thats only a wee bit higher than my normal non burst, would love to see your numbers in the same sort of gear I’m in you should really crank out some crazy bursts untill we get nerfed to hell and back in 4.1.

    and to think you didn’t want to play Fury 😉

    1. Rem Post author

      Thank you 🙂
      It was more the recognition from the group than the numbers themselves that made me smile.

      I don’t particularly like the bursty Fury playstyle, but it is what it is, and I embrace it for what it is. Line up all cooldowns and pray for the auto-attacks to land, that’s what we do. On Magmaw’s exposed head phase with Heroism: 50-60k. When Arcanotron is the first active construct and we blow Heroism, plus blue puddle, plus Rude Interruption: 40k. I think it is a shame that we need those out-of-orbit burst phases to make our bottom line look pretty, but that’s what we are now. And in a way, it’s appropriate for Fury – “RAWR, ME SMASH!”

    2. Scraddog

      it is the fury warriors ability to burst and roll out three hits at 50k a pop in about 1.5 seconds thats getting us nerfed mainly because that will kill anyone in pvp.

      Looking at the patch notes they are trying to bring our burst down whilst having our overall damage remain the same, I am not so sure the numbers will balance though and we will end up either slightly higher or lower averall.

      interestingly enough i still see fury warriors gemming for hit which is the old model but come 4.1 hit/crit will be our biggest stats after strength for sure. I am holding out for two epic two handers as I get the feeling that with the coming changes TG will become a much better option in current raid gear.

    3. Rem Post author

      Well, the for-point value of Mastery will remain the same (or even go up slightly, depending on whether they ultimately settle on 100% or 120% weapon damage for Raging Blow, it’s been changed back and forth so often, I think I lost track by now), as the baseline-nerf is purely additive, not multiplicative.

      But yeah, the significant auto-attack buff will promote hit and even haste. Interesting times ahead!

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