The curious case of a curious guildie

No drama contained.

A (long) while ago we recruited someone into the guild. She had a Death-Knight in the 70ies and a druid in the 50ies or so and for a (long) while just occasionally played and levelled those two characters. She hardly ever interacted with anyone and had frequent periods of extended absence, and so pretty much everyone pretty much forgot who she actually is. Except me, that is, because I’m still pretty good at remembering things. Nearly every time she reappears after one of those periods of disappearance, I get quiet whispers “hey, do you know who that is?”, sometimes from the same people as last time. Luckily there’s a catchy way for me to remind the asker, provided they know that little bit of trivia about her, and if not, well, then they don’t know anything about her anyway, since, again, she never took part in guild life or interacted with anyone in any significant way.

The one time she came closest to actually participating in any sort of guild activity was some time after her DK reached level 80 and we invited her to join in on some heroics at a time when heroics were like bonbons and we asked her along because she was online and, you know, one can always ask before fetching a random, plus we thought maybe she’ll get kind of involved given the chance to be .. involved. We did two heroics during which she utterly failed in the basic-social-interactions department and at the end of which we gently pointed out to her that even when it’s found on plate, spell-power and intellect are not good stats for a DK. When I looked at her armoury profile yesterday, it became apparent that even at level 83 she still did not come to believe that lesson. Oh, yes-yes, of course she reappeared some time after the Cataclysm (isn’t it amazing how those phases of “stress iRL” seem to adjust to releases of new content? Okay, now I’m being mean), and of course I once again got gently asked who the hell she actually is.

And yet, when I’m going to suggest to consider a separation of ways between her and the guild, simply due to the fact that she unexceptionally failed at being a member of the guild in any reasonably conceivable meaning of the term, I’m going to be the mean and heartless guy again. Despite at the same time being the only person to reliably remember who she even is. Oh the irony.

3 thoughts on “The curious case of a curious guildie

  1. Wielder of the Axe

    “I’m going to be the mean and heartless guy again. ”

    Not necessarily. Ask us and see.

  2. Alq

    Actually you won’t. The guildie in question’s not won any brownie points and I’ve been informed that their actions have not been appreciated in other quarters, so they’ve managed to go into negative figures as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Scraddog

    Sometimes things don’t work out for people in some guilds.

    no shame in it no need to think you are being nasty but the truth is if this player does not really fit with your guild and it’s affecting a number of players possibly including them to the point where no-one knows who they are then maybe it’s time they left and tried something new.

    Your game is exactly that “your game” and you need to be where your game takes you.

    My game is currently wiping lots with the raid guild I was asked to join. Others from my old guild didn’t get asked because they would not fit in. So my game took me away from my old guild. Same with a tank I know who left a guild to persue his chosen game.

    You may end up perceived as the nasy man but somehow I think anyone perceiving that would be very very wrong.


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