Ordinary nothing

Last night (more like “this morning”, the conversation went on for quite a while) we logged out on the rings above the Violet Citadel. We’ve been briefly talking about how from great height, Dalaran looks just like the curious busy city it is supposed to be – you can’t see people exchanging inappropriate remarks in /s and /y, no mammoths dancing on mailboxes, only the “big picture”.

Today I logged into the game and…

[20:34] Carilyn gasps at you.

A Blood-Elf was sat there, quietly watching over the world. We exchanged a few generic friendly emotes and then, as the rings are apparently “part of Dalaran” and you can’t invoke your flying mount up there, I hearthed down to the inn. First thing I read in chat?

[20:36] [Y] Holycrystals: lol


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