I love you, Charge

You know I’m a big fan of our mobility. Yesterday, I got to love it even more.

We’ve been having our first serious and prepared looks at the Lich King. We took two attempts at him before, when we finished off Sindragosa with still half an hour left on the clock, but those were really more oooh-and-aaah attempts than serious ventures. They were useful regardless, as at least we got an idea of how things look and feel. So, serious Arthas action yesterday. To foreclose – no, we didn’t kill him.

During one of the attempts, when the first phase transition was about to end, I started running in a bit too soon and blundered right into a frost sphere, which went “wheeee!” followed by “kaboom!” and sent me flying towards (and beyond) the rapidly disintegrating edge. Wipe, right? Except, I was still targeting the raging spirit I was tanking, and in a reaction that was really more reflex than conscious response hit my Charge button. Swoosh, back to safety and “hell yeah!”

PS: Defile is certainly one of the more impressive and literal ways to wipe.

PS PS: I’m kind of glad there is no realistic way for me to charge off the platform. Now that would be exceptionally hilarious, wouldn’t it? 😀

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