That’s not even a spoiler

Reading WoW news sites these days is a mixed bag. I like to keep up with the game/class mechanical changes and developer intentions, but I don’t want to know anything about “that awesome quest chain or raid dungeon in which you get to see those awesome places”. I want to be awed by the latter as I do it, based on a solid foundation as provided by the former. So I scroll a lot and stop where I see something of interest to me.

Today I was scrolling through when my eye caught the headline “Cataclysm Beta: New loading screen gallery”. I stopped a few turns of the mouse wheel later and went back to check that I saw right. A loading screen gallery!? Seriously? You mean, those images we’ll be staring at in boredom and impatience for 2 years need to be pulled out and stuck in an effin’ gallery well in advance so we don’t miss out on this incredibly fundamental and important aspect? Really!?

That’s not even a spoiler. That’s just silly.

2 thoughts on “That’s not even a spoiler

    1. Rem Post author

      Didn’t look that closely, to be honest (don’t want to spoil the loading screen experience!), but no, I don’t think they had…!

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