I wish I could be me and me too

Brief nonsense post before we return to, you know, srs stuff. I have some srs stuff on my mind I want to write down, but today, just some quick nonsense. Because today I’ve seen the newest Warrior changes in the beta – over at MMO Champion / WoWTal as usual, of course. What can I say, it looks amazing. So what’s the problem?

Well, Fury looks more and more sexy and interesting by the day, or shall I say by the build (so does Arms in fact, but I’m definitely more fascinated with Fury now). And there is my inner DPSer who has never been and will never be immune to the desire to crank out some serious damage. On the other hand, Protection looks just lovely and like it may become even more fun to play than now. And I came to really love this tanking thing, too.

So, what is it going to be? Dual-spec, you say, yes, of course, but what’s going to be my main spec, what’s going to be my first and primary focus? I don’t think I could turn away from tanking again. Or could I? The future is a mystery!

Again, please remember this post is just a bit of excited nonsense. I’m just delighted by the curious and exciting ways my chosen class is likely to evolve in come Cataclysm. A rather good thing, if you ask me!

PS: Oh, and since we’re talking about being excited already – she’s down! Sindragosa is finally down. Oh my, was that a torturous fight to learn .. but now she’s down. Phew. Arthas, you’ve been warned!

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