Calling a tail a leg

So, yesterday I respected my national duties and watched football. Germany won against England 4:1. Yay, and everything. Sunday afternoon game, it just offered itself to spend a few hours to avoid being the one who doesn’t care among lots of people who do care. Luckily, it was an exceptionally good game, so I wasn’t bored too much. What does this have to do with WoW? Getting there.

In the German midfield, on the left wing, we’re playing a guy who is actually a forward. Why, you ask? Well, he’s a lefty (foot-wise), he’s very quick, has one hammer of a shot and is always good for scoring a goal; but on the other hand he’s not a very effective striker for an offensively oriented team, as the downside of his quickness is that, as has been joked, he needs half a field run-up to get something going, doesn’t have a strong header and such. As this is not a football analysis blog, let’s just say, he’s frankly the best candidate for the left-wing-midfield position. Except, he’s no midfielder. He’s a forward.

Early in the game, around the 10th minute maybe, Germany was running a counter-attack, three-on-three. Said forward-playing-midfielder was leading the ball and going central, one teammate in position to penetrate the penalty box on his left, another on his right. At the point where he couldn’t effectively advance any further himself, he fired a shot. One of those shots where once every blue moon you hit it perfectly, hammer it in and everyone drools at your shooting technique, but in the other 99 of 100 cases you just fire it into the stands. This one, naturally, went into the stands. And all the fans were like “oh my god, why did he shoot”, and all the experts were like “that was not good decision making on his part”, and I was like “well, of course he was going to shoot, he’s a forward, damnit, and everyone’s giving him a daily manual for his oh-so-hard shot, he has a well-nurtured hero complex, of course he was going to shoot”.

You see, this was not a game deciding situation by any stretch of imagination. Nor am I trashing him or his selection/utilisation – like I said earlier, he is the best man for the job, and he’s always likely to offset whatever shortcomings he has with the talents he possesses. But, of the four German goals, three were a direct result of a temptingly well positioned player passing to an even better positioned player for a relatively sure-fire thing. And that’s why we try our best not to force people into playing a specific class/spec. Because at the end of the day, you are what you are.

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