Thanks Vene!

We interrupt the scheduled programme for a spontaneous acknowledgement. Just about a week ago I was looking around the archives on and stumbled across a brief article on tanking Freya.

The main notion therein: if you are tanking Freya, don’t waste your time standing there staring up her skirt, go help on the adds! No one’s DPSing her, and all damage you do to her is negated by her self heal as well, so, make sure you always have a safe lead on threat, keep your debuffs up and go do something useful. Especially if you’re a Warrior with all that mobility at your disposal.

Yesterday we’ve been in Ulduar and Freya hard mode was suggested. It took us three attempts to adjust to the different circumstances and get a reading on the mechanics – on the third attempt, she went down! And I can proudly and happily say that over the course of the decisive first phase less than half of my damage output was directed towards Freya. Which basically means that half of my potential contribution would have been wasted had I been religiously standing there and “tanking” the boss. I’d like to think it was one of the factors that helped us succeed.

And I’d like to thank Veneretio, the author of, for all the useful information and hints he’s providing. If you are a Warrior, and a tank, and you are not reading – change that. Now!

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