Hello world!

Hello WordPress. It’s nice to meet you. You seem flashy and modern, and, what shall I say, I like flashy and modern. I’ll try to update more frequently again, but, as usual, don’t say I promised you a pony. I have tons of thoughts I’d like to blog down, but sometimes my writing mojo is occupied with other topics. So, let’s hope for the best!

If you, dear WordPress, would like to know what I’ve been up to so far, feel free to head over to my Old Home (at which you also should Not Try This) and have a read.

This blog I am starting with a more pronounced intention to write about gaming in general and World of Warcraft in particular – which is pretty much what happened to my old blog anyway. Do not be overly surprised, however, if you stumble now and again into posts that express my thoughts on totally different subjects as well.

And now, let’s have some fun together!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. Rem Post author

      Oh noes, I wouldn’t want to delete the first comment on my blog! Even if, you know, it comes from an automated .. Mr.WordPress. Here’s to many interesting comments in the future!

    1. Rem Post author

      Thank you! It already feels very fresh and cosy here. And knowing that my favourite druid resides nearby is great as well!

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