Rem stands corrected

Huh. There’s something I didn’t expect, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised to having been wrong. In October, I added a practical example to my September-rant on micro-transactions:

**Edit (20.10.09): There is this infamous practice of guilds who fail to grab server-first kills on their server to transfer to another, slower progressing one, and getting their achievement there. Although it’s generally met with disdain by the community, Blizzard is doing nothing to stop it. Neither will they do anything to stop it any time soon. Collecting 25 times $15 for the transfer of a full raid roster, plus maybe some alts that might be required in short term, then getting the same amount a second time when the caravan heads home, is certainly a nice and juicy not-so-micro-transactional bonus they won’t turn their back on for the sake of protecting some vague and officially-irrelevant achievement status.

Turns out I was wrong. Recently, Blizzard has done something to stop it. Colour me impressed.

6 thoughts on “Rem stands corrected

  1. Rem

    And Rem thy blogger said there will be ranting, and there will be pondering and there will be handwaving. And flaming lizards will rain from the sky and drown out the QQ, until the walls of text will rise and cover the land in darkness. For the Chains of Poke were shattered and the demon unleashed.


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