The WoW we are supposed to play

Old Azeroth: Here’s XP. Here’s more XP. You still here? Here, a few free levels, get to the Dark Portal already!

Outlands: Welcome, here’s your flying mount. Have some fun, but hurry up, the ship leaves tomorrow at 9am from Stormwind Harbour.

Northrend: Greetings. No, you can’t fly here (unless you have a 78+ character already). Now, to the ground, and get working, baby. And none of that “one level per day” crap for you any more!

Nothing surprising here, but still a bit of a shame, that it takes a new player about 3 months to reach the content which is “the game we are supposed to play”. A Cataclysm is overdue indeed.

3 thoughts on “The WoW we are supposed to play

  1. Anonymous

    Old Azeroth: Bits were pretty, but come on, would you really have enjoyed several evenings playing pest control in Silithus…?!

    Outlands: Yep, premature ejection to bigger and better climes….I would have loved to spend more time and explore there, at a level that was a challenge.


  2. Anonymous

    one level a day in northrend is possible if you know the quest chains and have time, but on the flip side that level of time is very much dependant on you being at your keyboard 8 or more hours a day.

    Old world and outlands I was dropping two or three levels in a day and over the august bank holiday went from 52 to 68 much to the suprise of my guild.

    Yes Blizz want you away from the old content because they have admitted that it’s dated now hence the cataclysm and total overhaul of the old world when it hits.

    Now I just have to take my level 80 tank back to the old world to do some 700 odd quests for the loremaster acheivement, funny that a lot of people are doing that 😉


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