Temporary semi-hiatus

The gentle reader might have noticed, that just as this blog was about to launch into full swing, it kind of .. stopped. This is no coincidence, and I’d like to explain the reason. Now, I am not a friend of “sorry I’ve not been updating lately” posts, since they are usually the surest symptom of a nearing exodus. Go ahead, search the blogosphere (*uses the word once again*) for abandoned (as opposed to properly closed) blogs. Usually the last few entries will be along the lines of “oh, I’m sorry I’ve not been writing anything for weeks, so here’s some topic I just artificially squeezed out of myself”. The “sorry” part is the key. If you’re sorry about not having been writing, then why haven’t you been writing? And if you had a good reason not to write, then why are you sorry? “Sorry for not updating” in fact really reads “I honestly can’t be bothered any more, but also can’t bring myself to put things to an official end”.

So, the good news is, I am not sorry, because I do have a reason. And it’s pretty simple. Writing a good blog post of the philosophical kind I like to write is, basically, source research and verification as well as thought distillation and phrasing. It just so happens, that this is pretty much the same activity which is involved in writing a diploma thesis. So, whenever I sit down, take time, and produce a wall of well researched and written text (be it here or in the comments on other blogs), I feel like an idiot, because I could have put that same effort into producing that same volume for my thesis. Finishing my thesis, on the other hand, is not a joke. Failure to do so soon (and I mean very soon) could realistically result in me being unable to pay for an internet connection (or anything else, for that matter). That would suck.

Thus this blog, being close to the bottom of my priority list, is going on a temporary semi-hiatus. What the hell does that mean? It means, that I intend to bring it back to full blooming life once my activity patterns shift and my life settles down a little (i.e. I finish my thesis and start working properly). It also means I’ll be occassionally posting short thoughts and snippets, like the one just below this entry. As a matter of fact, the raw update frequency might even pick up, since dropping thoughts diary-style is a less demanding task than piling bricks of text – don’t nail me down to it though.

Please keep coming back and commenting, if you’ve been doing it so far .. and please start coming here and commenting, if not! Although .. if you’re not .. how are you reading this? Aaaaaah, get out of my head! They’re coming! They’re coming!


Yeah. That’s all. For now.

2 thoughts on “Temporary semi-hiatus

  1. Anonymous


    Okay…I don’t mean that in a “your blog is crap and I’m only reading it because….” way, but in a good to hear you’re getting on with the other.

    *packs away her anti-procrastination thwacking stick*



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