The critical view

After the excited fanboy shout, let’s take a critical look at some of the other things announced for the near and far future of World of Warcraft. Source for the quotes is MMO Champion.

Cross Server LFG

  • This will let you PUG 5-man instances and search for groups through multiple servers.
  • It will come with its own reward systems. If you’re the leader of a PUG and complete the dungeon succesfully you will be rewarded.
  • It should be out for patch 3.3.0.

The biggest problem with PuGs, put in very short terms, is that people you don’t know are, statistically, prone to jackass behaviour. Let’s not pretend you don’t know what this is supposed to mean and save us paragraphs of redundant explanations. Teaming up with people you know even less, because they are, eh, on a different server, won’t really go a long way to dampen that factor.

The biggest upside with PuGs is the recruitment potential, which is rendered irrelevant in a cross-server group. Except, of course, if we talk cross-server recruitment, i.e. sucking all existing talent to the “elite” servers. Oh, well…

Rated Battlegrounds

  • Rated Battlegrounds will be an alternative way to get arena points.
  • Each week, one of the BG will be the Rated Battleground of the week. Winning in this battleground will improve your rating and give you points. Losing will not lower your rating.
  • […]

Remember the first of these quotes? Yeah. I actually should be amused, because this will wreak utter chaos in the entire PvP-/Arena-community and their inherent sense of superiority. I might be wrong, but from what I understand, the very reason for the introduction of Arenas was to discourage people from AFK-ing their way to PvP-rewards (Ettenmoors-style!). Now it’s back, with the added bonus, that the entire “we’re in it for the competition” PvP community will be screaming and queueing up for that one BG for the week.

Guild Leveling

  • Guild experience is earned through multiple ways, players leveling, killing bosses, leveling professions, PvP victories, reputations.
  • Each guild level rewards you with one talent point, these talents affect the whole guild. The top 20 earners of the guild will contribute to the guild experience for the day.
  • Some of the guild talents will allow you to remove reagent costs from spell, get increased gold drops, summon your entire raid, rez your entire raid after a wipe, automatically transfer a % of gold dropped by bosses to the guild bank. Guild talents can be reset.
  • Once your guild reached level 20, the guild experience becomes a currency and let you buy things like mounts, professions plans, banners, potions, rare reagents and guild talent respecs.
  • Anyone can learn a guild profession recipe, if you leave the guild after learning it you will loose the recipe and it will be transferred back to the guild bank. Guild heirlooms also work the same way and are bound to the guild.

See, in principle, I very much applaud the idea of (active – not just age based) guild levelling. The problem is, and this particular implementation seems as prone to it as anything, that the encouraged course of action becomes “recruit everything with a pulse”. Don’t even bother trying to bring up a small, tight knit guild. Just join the biggest one you can find, and get awesome abilities!

I wonder how long it will take for people to figure out, that the optimal strategy under these rules is to set up one huge server-wide guild, and then make private sub-channels for what should be the actual guilds. The guild channel becomes global chat, and everyone runs around with the same tag. Math (and computer science) teaches you to always consider the extreme cases. And online gaming teaches you, that people will, sooner or later, go for the most efficient way of playing your game.

That could, of course, be easily solved if “guild progression” would be instead a quotient of total progression and number of members. Which would instantly result in the other extreme of everyone being prodded with sticks all the time and /gkicked as soon as they’re offline for two days. So, this is all kind of meh.

There are, of course, many more things announced, and most of them sound pretty exciting. These were just a few of those that seemed rather odd or questionable to me. Enjoy the Sunday!

1 thought on “The critical view

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re the leader of a PUG and complete the dungeon succesfully you will be rewarded.

    Thus encouraging everyone and their dog (bad pun intended) to be PUG leaders. Currently those who lead groups do so because they want to do it, or because they know the instance. Can we see in-PUG fights over leadership here kiddies? I see potential for people who think leadership is yelling at someone running PUG groups because they want the reward for a successful run. I’ve known bosses at work in the past who think leadership is nothing but bollocking people. Puts me off even more….

    Like you, I can see much the same happening too with the Guild experience. THere’s too much potential for general bullying here too for my liking.



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