Grief Online?

Why is it, that nearly every time someone gets all excited about EVE Online, I can’t help but feel the game in long term pretty much boils down to “Bullies in Space”? I may be a little harsh here, and I understand there might be much more to EVE, but stuff like this (and it seems to be regarded as the ultimate apex of EVE gameplay) appears to me as the gaming equivalent of getting your buddies together to beat up the unpopular kid, steal his lunch money, screenshot it film it on your cell phone and send it to a gaming site upload it on YouTube. So, your top achievement in the game was to gank some guys, who were trying to establish a foothold of their own without joining your zerg, together with your 500 homies? Uh, grats, I guess.

PS: Yeah, I totally miss the point of the game and just don’t understand it. So, sue me.

2 thoughts on “Grief Online?

  1. Anonymous

    EVE is a frame, a sandbox for the players to create the game experience. The developers have just created the environment and given the tools, the rest is up to the playing community. Bullying happens in all internet environments, in EVE it just seems to happen more since there are no one to go cry to.

    EVE would be a great game to play with a large group of friends who wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice a ship to save your sorry little ass in space. Played the trial, learnt to fly a ship and mine an ore belt, never got harassed by the bigger and meaner, but in order to really get what the game has to offer, you’d need to get into a huge corporation (guild). I heard there is some real RP going on too!


  2. Rem

    You’re definitely right, bullying happens everywhere. The thing is, that avid EVE players tend to present it as the actual nugget. Well, that, and the fact that you don’t really need to play it in order to play it.


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