I told you

This is not directed at those who read this blog, but those who do, know whom it’s directed at.

I told you. I didn’t, admittedly, do it in the most diplomatic or clever way, but rather in the form of an emotional outburst. But I told you there are issues, there are problems. You told me I’m the problem. You told me to take it or leave it. And I left. Others left with me. Only the problems, the issues, they didn’t leave with us, they remained with you. Now you’re stuck with the under-performers and the ride-hitchers, whose equality rights you were so eager to protect. Those who sleep through the raid and only wake up when it’s /roll time. Who don’t want to bring a character as soon as they’re geared, but to have their next alt geared instead. Who laugh when you bring the topic up, because they don’t understand why you suddenly have an issue with it. Because you failed to make a stand when you could have had. You cannot now, and thus you’re stuck with the split mentality, which you failed to acknowledge for too long. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

And yes, I bath in gloating. Because I told you. And you didn’t want to listen.

4 thoughts on “I told you

  1. cygnet

    Cassandra, a prophetess and the daughter of King Priam, was loved by the god Apollo. Whether she returned that love, or broke a promise to him varies from story to story. But she displeased him. So he cursed her.

    Rather than take her visions away, he made it so that no matter how sincerely she spoke of her prophecies, none would believe her. Not even when she warned of the fall of Troy.

    And we know how that ended, don’t we….

  2. Rem

    Ah, Alqua, you overstate the significance of my prophetic powers. I wasn’t predicting something that was hard to see. Heck, it wasn’t even predicting, it was just observing. Nor was it an intricate observation. We all know and remember very well, that it was just an emotional outburst on my part, not being able to keep the obvious to myself any more.

    But this isn’t about me. It’s about people who became so comfortable sticking their fingers in their ears going “LALALALALA”, that they didn’t want to hear, didn’t want to see, that the fantasy land of once was falling apart. It’s not even about calling them bad people as such. Those we loved last year didn’t suddenly turn into jackasses overnight. But people’s priorities, preferences and motivations change. It is imperative for an organization, to monitor these changes and take action, sometimes even unpopular action. Because an organization can pursue only so many goals. And if people drift apart, and no one pulls them in rank, the organization ends up going in 5 different directions, not making real progress in any of those. A house divided against itself … oh, I wrote that already.

    And Inny … neither you nor Ang should take that (this is a bit of a context reach) to heart. There are great egos involved, who would rather die than admit to have been wrong. Some of them even got exactly what they wanted most anyway – the unshared stage light and everyone’s attention. Remember, the tendency to sweep things under the carpet and pretend everything can be fixed with just one more group hug was one of the very reasons, why we stood up and left. You can’t expect them to admit what a pile of excrements they ended up being in. Take it easy, because we are having fun and a perspective in the meantime.

  3. cygnet

    No…not at all. The Cassandra metaphor (and yes, that IS an actual recognised term) isn’t necessarily about “prophetic powers”. A lot of it is about simply stating the obvious and it being overlooked, about wanting to pretend a problem doesn’t exist. It’s human nature.

    Besides, apart from the odd glitches in the Matrix (!) a lot of prophecy can just as easily come from someone seeing the obvious and stating it. After all, if you look in a mirror with your nose pressed up against the glass, you’re never going to be able to see your whole face….


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