On being Prot

Look, I know I’m doing it all wrong. I respec to Prot and … start looking for ways how to maximize my damage output. I know the rulebook says that from this day on, I should only concern myself with Dodge Rating and Effective Health, but, honestly, can you see that happen? With me? I doubt you can.

But, oh boy, is Prot a fun spec to play! I effectively have two ranged interrupts (Charge and Intercept) and two melee interrupts (Shield Bash and Concussion Blow) accessible at all times, without any need for macro-stance-dance-GCD-awkwardness. And Shockwave has yet to come..! I can generate enough up-front threat so my favourite Druid doesn’t need to wait with her Moonfire until the fight is half over, and can soak up enough to make her worry less about my survival and free her up for some nuking. I can Shield Slam nasties into oblivion, and strike them with the full wrath of Remaglar’s Revenge (hey, that’s what it says in the combat log..!). All that, while only beginning to put points in Sword and Board.

Long story short, I’m having fun. Just wanted to put that fun into writing.

3 thoughts on “On being Prot

  1. Anonymous

    Wanna bet your favourite priest can still steal your aggro? *grin*

    Hey, I gotta be good at something!


  2. Rem

    You’re a radiant aggro-magnet! No point competing in threat with you 😛
    That, and you’re 7 levels higher than me 😉

  3. cygnet

    And as you pointed out, Druid’s not afraid to go big bad boom now her favourite Warrior’s gone all Prot. Long story short, she’s having lots of fun too.


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