Status: cancelled

It is done. Logged into my COG account, looked at the beautiful landscape in the website’s background, the Gandalf-impression at the top and some ugly hobbit next to him, sighed and clicked the red button (and then was anti-dramaturgically redirected to the PayPal site where I had to log in to, you know, actually cancel the subscription).

So, this is it. Goodbye LotRO – I loved you, but won’t miss you. Thank you for the good times, the many hours of fun and the wonderful people I met (and ventured forth with).

My subscription still runs until the 18.09. – this is what you get when you decide to quit a game basically the next day after entering the subsequent period. But, then again, it made the decision easier, there was more of a safety cushion, more “I can go do that now, but don’t have to really leave yet” factor due to it. But by now, all possible doubts are gone. Don’t think I’ll be ever coming back either, to be honest. WoW is lots of fun right now, and then there’s still AoC waiting for its chance (which might never come), Aion looming behind the horizon as well as Mortal Online in the role of “the next, totally different thing”. The road goes forward, not back. Yet it was a nice time, and a nice game, be it even just because it had the Misty Mountains *winks*

1 thought on “Status: cancelled

  1. cygnet

    Somehow I missed this post. And I’m sad I did, but not sad about the decision. As you say, the road goes forward not back. And this far, it’s been quite a forward!

    Lotro has given me friends I dearly love. Who’ve been there so strongly for me. In that respect I will always remember it with great fondness and immense gratitude. And it had great mountains, with some really quite superb treasure to be found there if you only looked at the right times! *smiles fondly at memories of those good old Misties*


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