Ow, my head

It’s definitely not a good idea to stay up until 5am to watch (the score of) a basketball game, when you already sort-of conditioned yourself to a 1-2am bedtime. Even if it’s game 6 of a playoff series and your team desperately needs a win to stay alive. Luckily, game 7 is tomorrow during (European) evening hours.
As of now, my plans of vacuum-cleaning the house today are kind of going down the drain, because I have a vac humming in my head already…

3 thoughts on “Ow, my head

  1. cygnet

    You mean you could have been online a lot later?! Pfff! 😉

    Having said that, it’s not a good idea to stay up with friends drinking and whooping their asses at Settlers of Carcasonne (although that was fun), or trying backbends at 3am either….

  2. cygnet

    Hmmm. That should have read Settlers of Catan.

    Typos brought to you courtesy of red wine, vodka with raspberry and rose, and um…vodka with chocolate balsamic vinegar….yes, you read that right, it was that sort of night, seriously, don’t ask….

  3. Rem

    Well, I did assume you meant Catan, but wanted to make some sort of statement by calling it Carcasonne instead … just couldn’t figure out what statement! 😉

    In related news, turns out I was/am nursing a cold or something (nope, not getting a decent amount of sleep still wasn’t beneficial), so, ended up pretty much out of shape yesterday. But, lots of tea, a reasonable bedtime and a big bucket of sleep later, things are already getting better again.


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