Scroll down…

…two postings. Yeah, right to the entry from last Thursday. This is a shout-out to someone who felt frustrated with things last night, because things didn’t go quite the most exciting way.

Don’t try to replicate experiences. Just take them as they come and get the best out of it.

5 thoughts on “Scroll down…

  1. Rem

    Funnily, this wasn’t initially aimed at <>you<>, but .. another person who felt unexcited yesterday. But, already as I was thinking (not even writing) it, I realised, that it fits both bills (and timings) similarly. Decided not to qualify exactly whom I mean, and am glad you found your address in the recipient field and liked the content 🙂

  2. Rem

    Not at all. Not in the least. It just shows that many of us are thinking related thoughts and having related feelings about things that are, things that were and some things, that have not yet come to pass. If you can follow me…!

    By the time it <>was<> written down, it was addressed at you just as much as at any of us.


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