Germany’s Next Flopmodel

It’s probably pretty safe to assume, that most countries have their ‘s Next Topmodel show, so, not much explanation of the principle is needed. Basically, it’s a casting show, where every girl, who has ever been told by a dude who wanted to get in her pants that she’s model-material, can apply (and they apply in thousands, every year) to be judged by a jury, which consists of a leading supermodel of that country (the US-original is led by Tyra Banks, the German version by Heidi Klum) and a few others who no one ever heard of, but are big in model business … probably.

Getting to the point. The final 10 candidates, who get into the actual training- and elimination-shows, will tell you two things. All of them. It’s like the casting-version of “world peace”. Mind you, the punch line is in the concurrence of the two:

  1. They have always dreamed of becoming a model.
  2. They never, or hardly ever, wear high heel shoes.

That’s quite amazing. That would be, kind of, like … if I would show up to a basketball training camp and declare, that I always dreamed of becoming an NBA-pro, but so far never bothered to learn how to dribble.
Or if someone would say they’ve always been dreaming of becoming a singer, but cannot even read music. Oh wait. There’s the Idol-shows, where exactly this happens. Never mind!

But, hey, let’s not be too surprised. After all, this is exactly what all these shows offer and promise: fame, without that tedious talent-and-labour business.

5 thoughts on “Germany’s Next Flopmodel

  1. cygnet

    And all because it makes for cheap television and they don’t want to pay talented script writers and actors….

    Television: turned me onto MMOs.

  2. cygnet

    *thinks for a moment then switches to narrator’s voice*

    Breetown. A place where ordinary heroes live out their ordinary lives…. In this week’s episode, Mary-Suewen, the cute and lively elvish bargirl is forced out of the closet by her flower-picking overseer only to give her the shock of her life. And the true identity of the one-eyed mysterious Mr S. is finally revealed……

  3. Rem

    Haha. Especially like “Mary-Suewen”. If I am ever going to make an elf hottie, that’ll be her name. Unless it’s taken…!


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